Ms. Sarah Iyaloo Negumbo

Ms. Sarah Iyaloo Negumbo is the Director for Namibia Library and Archives Service, in the Ministry of Education, Arts & Culture, where she is ensuring access to information services, through five Sub-Divisions; National Library of Namibia, National Archives of Namibia, Community Library Service, Education Library Service and the Ministerial Library Service. Ms. Negumbo previously worked at the Office of the Prime Minister, as the Deputy Director, responsible for the introduction and the implementation of the Electronic Documents and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) in the Offices, Ministries, Agencies and Regional Councils. Ms. Negumbo’s field of studies and working background is on Public Management, Library and Information Science, Knowledge and Information Systems Management, Records Management, and the Electronic Documents and Records Management Systems. Ms. Negumbo’s highest qualification is a Master’s Degree in Knowledge and Information Systems Management from the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Ms. Negumbo is the current Chairperson for the National Libraries Section on the AfLIA Governing Council, she is up for the challenge of fulfilling the AFLIA mandate, together with the fellow colleagues on the Continent and she is enthusiastic to contribute to the development of the Africa we want.