Welcome to the AfLIA Leadership Academy (AfLAc). AfLAc is a leadership enhancement programme for African public library leaders at middle management level. It is has been developed in partnership with the Public Library Association of the USA and modeled on the PLA Leadership Academy. The programme is funded by the Global Libraries Initiative of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

AfLAc is part of a series of programmes developed by AfLIA and its partners to strengthen the public library field through developing innovative, well-connected and networked leaders ready to take the public library field forward for the transformation of African communities.

Participants will be offered intensive, empowering leadership teaching to enable them to increase their capacity to lead not only within the library, but also in the community. The capacity building includes a five-day residential educational/ networking event; a professional coach programme with experienced public library leaders and development of realistic projects to implement within your communities. During the residential event, they will get a chance to reflect on their leadership strengths and challenges and how they can network and build partnerships as well as how to develop their communities using the assets that those communities already possesses. They will be addressed by experienced library and non-library leaders to help them further appreciate the important role of the library within the overall community and public facilities setting.

They will be expected over the nine months to gain an in-depth understanding of their personal leadership style; to sharpen their strategic thinking/planning and vision setting; to think deeply and ensure that they align policy with impact, and to consider how best they can embed collaboration and partnerships in all their work.