1-31 MAY 2024

#LibraryActivism #1Lib1Ref  #AfLibWk

The African Library Activism Month is an exciting period where African library and information professionals concertedly provide reliable and factual information to the world through Wikipedia, Wikidata, WikiCommons and other Wikimedia projects as part of the global #1Lib1Ref campaign. From 1st - 31st May 2024, African library communities will help to fill key gaps in African content by adding new content and missing references to articles about Africa on Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons..........


Create a User Account on Wikipedia (if you do not have one already).
Use your Wikipedia user account details to enroll on the dashboard #African Library Activism Month. This action will enable us to track participation and contributions during the campaign period (1-31 May 2024) so that contributors are appropriately awarded by merit.
Find an article of interest that needs a citation. Here is a link to compiled list of articles you can start with. Alternatively, here are some other strategies.
Add the official campaign hashtags #1Lib1Ref and #AfLibWk or #LibraryActivism in the Wikipedia Edit Summary
Remember to share your edits on social media and invite colleagues to get involved.


1What is African Library Activism Month?
The African Library Activism Month is an outreach initiative organized to build awareness of and fix gaps in knowledge about African content on Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons and other Wikimedia projects. AfLIA wants to equip African librarians to add missing references to articles about Africa on Wikipedia. It is organized by AfLIA in partnership with the Wikimedia Foundation as part of the global #1Lib1Ref campaign. Find out more here
2What exactly will African librarians do during the period?
Starting 1st - 31st May, 2024, we encourage African librarians to create and improve existing Wikipedia articles about Africa and African scholars in all disciplines with citations and references. By doing so, we can create reliable content on Africa on Wikipedia for the benefit of global readers. To learn how to add a citation to a Wikipedia article, please go to the resource page.
3How can I be part of this campaign?
To be part of the African Library Activism Month, you need to first have or create a Wikipedia User Account. A list of articles has been pre-compiled to help you begin adding references here. If you need additional materials to learn how to add citations, please visit resource page. For more details, visit: this link
4Who can participate?
All librarians from National Libraries, Academic and Special Libraries, Public and Community Libraries, School Libraries as well as LIS institutions in Africa are eligible and invited to come on board as we improve the narrative of Africa and African scholars in Wikipedia. For more details, visit: this link
5I am not a librarian; can I be part?
Definitely yes. This campaign is being organized to mobilize equipped African editors to improve African content on Wikipedia. The organizers are primarily targeting librarians but that does not necessarily mean we are ignoring other potential editors who can contribute knowledge and references on Africa’s rich history, culture, and people on Wikipedia.
6Why should I participate?
Knowledge about Africa is unfortunately underrepresented on Wikipedia. This means that access to African voices, cultures, philosophies and other information that are worthy of being open and integrated into the global body of knowledge is woefully limited. Participating in this campaign means;
  1. Contributing to the creation of reliable content on Africa on Wikipedia for the benefit of global readers and
  2. Helping to ensure the world can continue to learn from Africa’s rich history, culture, and people on Wikipedia
  3. Helping to highlight the role of librarians across Africa in providing access to knowledge.
  4. Helping to make Wikipedia, an important source of fact-based knowledge for people around the world, more reliable and useful.
7What will I benefit?
Nothing comes close to the sense of pride in knowing that you are part of a dedicated network of African Wikipedian editors helping to improve the relevance, accuracy, reliability of articles about Africa hosted on Wikipedia. Further;
  1. All active editors will receive certificates of participation from AfLIA and the Wikimedia Foundation.
  2. The top 5 editors may receive shopping vouchers. With the shopping voucher, awardees will be able to purchase any Wikipedia branded paraphernalia and souvenirs of their choice from the Wikipedia Store.
  3. Besides these, the top 30 contributors will receive Certificates of Excellence whereas every other participant who is able to contribute at least 25 citations/references to Wikipedia during the campaign, will also receive Certificates of Participation.
Kindly note that the peak of this year’s competition will be from 14th May – 22nd May, 2022 however, the #AfLibWk dashboard will remain open to track contributions till 5th June, 2023.

Send all enquiries concerning the African Library Activism Month to